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Merla - Wellhead Solutions Merla Welhead Automation is part of vMonitor company.

History of Merla has been marked by significant growth, progress, and change. It's very proud of own accomplishments. The following is a list highlighting major milestones in short history:

Merla Wellhead Automation has grown exponentially and is quickly becoming a leader in the Oil & Gas Industry.. Enhanced the Merla® product line. The Merla product line includes but is not limited to surface controlled, gas lift equipment, intelligent completions, flow control, and adjustable control valves. Merla is licensed under API-6A PSL-1 and PSL-2 PR 1 for chokes product line API 6A-1371 API 6A Monogram can be applied for our choke valves PSL-1, PSL-2 PR1 if customer requires Merla Wellhead Solutions achieved ISO 9001:2008 quality certifications Exp Dec-06-2014 Design and built a product line to satisifed our customer needs on Flowing Oil and Gas Wells, Pipelines, Artificial Lift Applications (Beam Pumps, Water Injection, Gas Lift, and other applications) Electronic sensor, remote devices for monitoring the production line from our parent vMonitor company combining these two strategies to enhance the services provided

Built Products choke valves flow control and Adjustable choke valves built as per Merla Standard and can be built as per API 6A specification PSL-1 and PSL-2 PR1 shall be specified in customer purchasse order, Engineering Services, and Other Services. Our efforts are directed to our core competencies in completion equipment including, but not limited to: surface controlled subsurface choke valves, gas lift equipment, intelligent completions, flow control, in line control valves.

As main specialization full-service oilfield supply company DIN OIL SERVICES offers distribution services for all products of Merla in territory of Kazakhstan.

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